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Fast Facts:
Location: Vancouver, BC
Origin: Bolivia
Roast Profile: Light/Medium Roast
Brew Method: Pourover

The Review:
As far as I can recall, this is the first ever coffee I’ve had that comes from Bolivia and one of the main reasons why I was so intrigued to try it. 137 palabras más


El negocio ilegal de semillas de maíz transgénico comercializadas vía Facebook en Bolivia

Por: Marielle Cauthin y Guillermo Villalobos

Viernes, 14 de mayo de 2021

Semillas de maíz transgénico resistente a los herbicidas glifosato y glufosinato de amonio se comercializan libremente en Bolivia por redes sociales, pese a estar prohibidas por la Constitución Política del Estado (CPE) en sus Artículos 16 y 409; así como por la Ley 144 (Art. 2.703 palabras más


Exile Music: A Novel Book Review

Childhood should be a time of love, laughter, friendship, and innocence. But for some children, their early years are far from ideal.

Exile Music: A Novel… 260 palabras más


One to watch: Bolivia’s bid to import a Canadian COVID-19 vaccine

By Peter Ungphakorn
POSTED MAY 12, 2021 | UPDATED MAY 12, 2021

News broke late yesterday (May 11, 2021) that a Canadian company, Biolyse Pharma, had agreed to supply Bolivia with 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine for COVID-19, without the patent-owner’s permission. 1.137 palabras más


The Final Chapter

It was a fitting send-off in La Paz, Bolivia, on my last evening of my South American Odyssey in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru at the turn of the millennium. 208 palabras más


A Village named Tarabuco

I arrived in Tarabuco on a Sunday when the town was hosting Phujllay (“play” in Quechua language) and the Sunday market was in full swing. … 85 palabras más


A Village Named Candelaria

My quest for the origin of the most striking ethnic costumes I encountered at the Oruro Carnival in Bolivia and for some of the highest quality weaving in the world, lead me to the lovely colonial city of Sucre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the nearby Andean villages of Candelaria and Tarabuco. 593 palabras más