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thirty, flirty, and thriving

a pen to the pad, the words in your head

whole world in a palm, paint your town red

lines drawn in sand, dirt at the beach… 119 palabras más


On the move (Random Mix Photography)

Title: Tunnel Ride 

Photo Location: West Cambridge Tunnel MA, which is under construction going  towards Watertown MA

Photo description: I stopped during my walk to take photos of the graffiti and this cyclist entered the frame and made the photo much better.  111 palabras más


Touki Needs a Re-Boot

Touki Toussaint once again had a less than promising start for the Braves. After a terrific start to the second half, Braves fans believed that Toussaint was gonna be Soroka’s replacement but, here lately it seems as if Toussaint might lose his place in the rotation. 221 palabras más

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What Really Constitutes a Photograph

In a conversation with Jerry Uelsmann, James Estrin seeks to understand Uelsmann’s process in which he creates masterful prints in the darkroom that combine multiple negatives. 80 palabras más

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5 psychological thrillers to try for Halloween | Inkish Kingdoms

Psychological thrillers are so messed up, and I love them! The first one I can remember reading is included in this list, so I am so excited to share it with you all! 996 palabras más

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Introduction to Gresynu


So I’ve just started this site up, and the driving force behind that was having somewhere to post updates on a little indie game I’m developing. 217 palabras más