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I was in wrong time

Found the stain on my paper
Melting into air
Like the songs sung last night.
I pulled myself back,
It was a strange kind of pull. 86 palabras más

Creative Writing

A Fine Romance


In this episode, I read an experimental short story I wrote about relationships. It is a twelve line narrative and each line relates to a month of the calendar year. 293 palabras más


Some posts Laura shared on 6 May 2012

Main image: a photograph I took of a beautiful sunrise in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. The peacefulness of the early morning, shared with the sky, the sea, and nature. 343 palabras más

Laura Vanessa Nunes

200 Minutes of Mystery by Jack Heath

10 stories. 10 mysterious situations. 10 brave kids. 20 minutes to solve.

Kane’s parachute fails during a skydive. Is someone trying to kill him? Fang is investigated by secret police. 341 palabras más


The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health in the Workforce

Christina Nguyen

Many factors can influence one’s health, such as living conditions, education, and access to health care. These social determinants can vary from person to person, but one that is important to note is the effect that a job may have on a person’s health. 1.881 palabras más

Praniti Gulyani

The Anatomy of Pain

you begin by teaching me –
about wafer-thin bones and agonized nerves
that have turned so blue, it hurts
to only look at them, and then you show me hearts… 291 palabras más