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1974 Jose Cuervo & AJF Cigar Pairing

Man, this 1974 @josecuervotequila Blanco and @hector_ajf @frankie_ajf @ajfcigars- Ramon Allones stick while kicking back to some @michaelkiwanuka hit the spot today!

This classic pour paired with this amazingly smooth stick was absolutely spot on! 143 palabras más


Review: Roca Patrón Silver Tequila 

This year I am hoping to continue  update many of my tequila reviews, improving my suggested cocktails and where necessary editting my tasting notes and scores to be consistent with any changes which may have occurred that have affected the taste and quality of the agave spirit since my last review. 229 palabras más



de Xóchitl Olivera Lagunes


Borde carcomido blancas escamas

blancas circundan el color

sube, mueve, desprende

Deja espacio para la renovación

Uñas blancas avanzan

dejan blancos caminos… 195 palabras más