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Moving data from oracle to HDFS

I divided the scope into two stages:

Stage -1 | Initial data load from Oracle database to HDFS (for bulk load)

  • Here I used oracle native utility (Copy2hadoop) for reducing the friction…
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These days applications have become more data intensive than compute intensive. People face problems around complex, fast growing and changing data and steps to manage it. 1.290 palabras más


How big is big data?

  1. What is big data?
  2. Real life examples.
  3. Top facts about big data you must know.
  4. Jobs available in big data field.
  5. Courses to excel in big data.
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Panduan Mudah OKD - OpenShift: dengan Docker, Kubernetes, Pods, etc

OpenShift adalah sebuah bentuk polyglot platform, disebut demikian karena penggunaan platform yang menggunakan lebih dari satu teknologi platform (sistem yang dibangun di atas platform). Biasanya OpenShift digunakan untuk membangun sebuah aplikasi web dan services, yang mana menggunakan sekumpulan container yang berkaitan dengan lingkungan SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux – Otorisasi untuk keamanan di sistem operasi Linux). 107 palabras más


Let's Get Started to DevOps: Getting started with Docker, GitLab, Jenkins, Ansible, VPS, and Heroku

In writing this ebook, I have evaluated a large number of programs and selected for inclusion the software i believe is the most useful for someone new to DevOps term. 85 palabras más


Explore the New Growth Opportunities in Digital Transformation

Over the years, the technologies of digital transformation keeps on evolving. Global organizations need to adapt by changing their business models that work, interact well with the customer base, and leverage better user experience. 911 palabras más


The push towards Digital Healthcare


In the times of COVID, health and healthcare have become the primary focus of both individuals and governments. Slowly but surely, the pandemic has pushed us all into the arena of digital healthcare. 511 palabras más