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We feel energized the moment our shame is covered in the dark, but deep within we realize that the very sickness we nurse behind is exactly the secret we try to keep.

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Tooth for Money

Did someone call the, TOOTH FAIRY??? Translated…

Early in the morn, my eight-year-old son came excitedly, “Mom! The Tooth Fairy came last night again! She took away my tooth, and gave me a dollar too!”, I’d smiled and replied, “congratulations! 682 palabras más

Experiences Of Life


(I was really tempted to make some sort of flux capacitor/Back to the Future joke but I couldn’t make it happen today. Maybe next time.) 559 palabras más


Moderation in moderation

I’d thought
I’d found freedom
In this idea of someone

But it turns out
His idea of freedom
Would be jail to me

It’s a shame… 118 palabras más


Love Fasting

I thought I would never be a person that would fast. These judgements held me back. The truth is I didn’t know all that much about fasting. 589 palabras más


How to turn your child's ‘I can’t’ beliefs into empowering questions of intent.

First validate their belief. Then add a time limiting dimension by adding the word ‘Yet,’ This also opens up their mind to future possibilities. By validating their belief you are teaching them to trust their own processing. 173 palabras más

Happiness And Motivation

A Far Country

I took a glimpse to know what lies ahead,
I mounted on the tree to see beyond the roofs and cities,
Above the hills i have seen, beneath my feet i have tread the miles, 188 palabras más