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The Sweet Hereafter

A never-ending ache.

After a school bus accident claims the lives of 14 children, a small Canadian town finds itself trapped in a cycle of pain. 80 palabras más


Exotica Review

From the first moments of the methodical, slow piano chords, the panning camera moving across a painted wall of faux nature, I could tell Exotica would be a treat. 461 palabras más


Film Journal: July 2020

With The Criterion Channel now streaming Atom Egoyan’s first seven features (plus an eighth, actually his eleventh), I decided to start rewatching them in order—my first viewings of all except for… 611 palabras más


Guest of Honour Review

No matter what he appears in, I’m convinced that David Thewlis can turn the most asinine and mundane of performances into genuine perfection. His role in the latest Atom Egoyan directed film, Guest of Honour, as a health inspector with a disgraced family, is one such moment that finds us in a film that hasn’t quite got the narrative strengths to muster up overall competence, but is saved tremendously well by Thewlis. 476 palabras más


Guest of Honour (2020) Movie Review

Atom Egoyan’s latest, Guest of Honour, is a terse drama arranged to be a puzzle film. I say “arranged” because Egoyan structures the narrative with flashbacks framed from different characters’ perspectives as they tell their version of a story, a family history that unfolds on-screen like puzzle pieces presenting themselves and forming the perimeter of a picture. 391 palabras más

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Armenian-Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan often borders on pretentiousness, what with his humorless and emotionally distant characters and all… but when he’s on, he’s sooo on. … 149 palabras más

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