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Facade of a Small Shrine from the House of Panehsy in Amarna

Amarna period art can often look alien and bizarre, but this scene also has a sense of elegance and grace. Akhenaten and Nefertiti stand beneath the rays of the Aten making offerings, serenely receiving the gifts the Aten bestows on them. 244 palabras más


Summer's Last Stand

Chloe, Age 9 left a vibrant and so detailed flower head; what a talented lady you are Chloe! And another smiling Blyth rock appeared as we enter the still time of August. 49 palabras más

The Hill We Climb

In wrapping up my “2020: At Home In Our Nation” art series, I put off creating the last piece for months. Although touched upon in some of the other works, this is the only piece which directly and entirely addresses the national and worldwide social justice protests of 2020, Black Lives Matter movement, and issues surround equity in healthcare, housing, food and more. 721 palabras más


A set of articles or equipment needed for a specific purpose. Like first-aid kit. But I’m not here to talk about first-aid kit.

I want to talk about some art kits that I found. 199 palabras más

Caldera Butterfly

Blessed are the Rainbow Butterflies

Who are born within the ever-churning bowels

Of the sun’s primordial sludge

A bacteria, some might say

But the rainbow butterflies possess the key to… 225 palabras más