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Is Evidence of Life Truly Evidence of Compassion?

This is a question I was found asking myself with regards some of the latest articles I have been directed towards reading for my master’s course. 585 palabras más


Thriving wine trade in Islamic Sicily revealed by the chemistry of its pottery | Chemistry World

Scientists at the University of York have found chemical evidence of the trade in wine in Sicily from the ninth until the 11th centuries, when the Mediterranean island had Islamic rulers who were forbidden by their religion to drink alcohol. 305 palabras más

History & Prehistory

Processing the Stone Axe

So there are 4 useable meshes of the Stone Axe. One from the Balloon Street photography session and 3 from yesterday. All produced using the Canon S100 and AutoDesk ReCap Photo. 200 palabras más

3D Scan Post-process

The Lancaster Roman Tombstone: Discovery and Display

Lancashire County Council Museum Service collects and curates a range of Roman objects collected from around Lancashire, from local donations, in archives from archaeological excavations undertaken across the county, and with the… 859 palabras más

Presidio Park

Presidio Park in San Diego, California is the historic site of the first European settlements in what is now the Western United States. Dating from 1769, the San Diego Mission (above) soon moved a few miles upriver, in 1773, while the Presidio Fort remained on Presidio Hill. 174 palabras más


Greek ship carrying parts of the Parthenon is giving up more secrets | Live Science

The latest expedition by divers to the wreck of the Mentor, which sank just off the island of Kythera in 1802 has recovered several pieces of the ship’s rigging, coins, the leather sole of a shoe, a metal buckle, a token for playing cards, two chess pieces, fragments of cooking utensils and other seemingly mundane objects. 99 palabras más

History & Prehistory

Archaeology Photogrammetry and Scanning

Following on from the photography session earlier this month, some objects were scanned with the Sense 2 Scanner and some new objects were scanned and photographed. 279 palabras más