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'Enmeshment': a lesser-known type of trauma

Trigger warning: mention of trauma & mental health stigma.

This Free to Spiel guest feature has been written by the creator of @roses_bruises. Her wonderful page is dedicated to talking about everything mental health-related, from self-love and empathy to CBT and erasing the stigma – make sure to check it out after reading her story… 950 palabras más


The Fat Lardo and the Rubber Ducky by Somebody [Comp03]

IFDB page: The Fat Lardo and the Rubber Ducky
Final placement: 29th place (of 30) in the 2003 Interactive Fiction Competition

Call this game “Insultatron.” Its purpose is to insult you in as many ways as possible, though not with a great deal of creativity. 170 palabras más

Graham Nelson

Introducing Anonymum

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my page – Anonymum Diaries.

I have always had a love of writing but you know what I don’t have a love of? 201 palabras más


Your Digital Identitys Evil Shadow

Your Digital Identity’s Evil Shadow

In the wrong hands, these shady shadows are stealthy means to bypass security systems by hiding behind a proxy with legitimate IP addresses and user agents. 956 palabras más


Evolving; A bittersweet goodbye

I don’t think of this as something I owe to anyone other than me. But for those of you who have joined me for perhaps minutes or weeks or years of the journey; hello. 527 palabras más

Self Development