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24-Hour Readathon

I meant to get this blog post out earlier in the week, but the week got away from me.

This was started as a re-readathon by YouTubers Jessica Williamson and Kate Cavanaugh. 1.375 palabras más


I want to end every post with 2 things I am grateful for, 2 wins of the previous weeks and 2 goals for the coming weeks

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I am going to keep myself anonymous but if you ever want to contact me, please go and DM me or follow me on my Instagram accounts: @mypinterest.andpolls for a fun time with aesthetic inspo and fun polls on my story and @productivity.pinterest for study/work inspo and some informational posts too!

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6a. Jeff

My junior year of high school started off in fine fashion. I was chosen by my Creative Writing teacher to help edit the yearly school poetry and creative writing book: Iamb. 789 palabras más

Tell All Tuesday #11

So I will keep it short and sweet this week for your readers– why do people choose to take advantage of those who love and cherish them the most? 234 palabras más