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Who can wipe away the tears from broken dreams and wasted years and tell the past to disappear?

Ohhh let me tell you ‘bout my Jesus!!

First a little back story on how I came to connect with this song: I have mentioned my worship team at church before in a previous blog, but our drummer (Ricochet) is so special to us. 804 palabras más

I Play Guitar!

Since I was little, I always thought «I will be a singer when I get older», but I never knew how fun playing guitar would be! 140 palabras más


Anne Wilson – My Jesus feat. Crowder

Anne Wilson reaches a new version of “My Jesus” featuring Crowder. The track can be heard below. “My Jesus” feat. Crowder is available now to Download or Stream.


Faith, Trust, and Mental Toughness

We have a remarkable talent of convincing ourselves. Almost like a superpower, we can talk ourselves into a frenzy. Whether we want to get excited for a vacation, we try to gear up for a leap from a cliff into the ocean below, or we are frustrated with how a project turned out, what we focus on and how we frame it will determine our mindset. 324 palabras más


From 'ashes' to a 'crown of beauty': The story behind Anne Wilson's 'My Jesus'

Nineteen-year-old Christian singer, Anne Wilson, expressed her shock and gratitude on how here inaugural song, «My Jesus,» climbed to No. 1 on the Christian Billboard after its release five months ago. 476 palabras más


My Jesus by Anne Wilson [Download mp3 + Video & Lyrics]

Capitol Christian Music Group singer and songwriter, Anne Wilson drops the new audio and official Lyric Video for “My Jesus”.

 Anne Wilson always dryeamed of becoming an astronaut. 216 palabras más