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Podcast Release

As Amy mentioned in our last blog post, while on the trail we had listened to several podcasts and one that she really liked, “Adventure Sports Podcast”, had actually interviewed us about our experience on the trail this year. 77 palabras más

Amy And Brian

Missing the Trail

Apparently you can take the people off the trail, but you can’t take the trail out of the people. We think about our adventure every day…I literally have a dream about it every night. 477 palabras más

Amy And Brian

Gettin’ it Together

We are slowly, but surely, getting our acts back together in the real world. Brian and I are both seeing home health patients, with us even being able to see a couple of the same pt’s, which is super fun (me, for OT and him for PT). 455 palabras más

Amy And Brian

New Challenges

We are starting to find our groove at home. Both of us are getting back to work, and are feeling like our daily routines are shifting back to what we were used to doing prior to the PCT. 733 palabras más

Amy And Brian

Real Life is Hard

We’ve been home for 10 days now and, as it turns out, real life is pretty hard. Of course, having the conveniences of home, plus being able to spend time with family and friends, has been amazing. 529 palabras más

Amy And Brian

Homeward Bound

The alarm went off at 3:45am as we needed to catch a shuttle at 4:30 this morning, to the Seattle airport. Even though neither of us have slept very long over the last two nights, we were both up and excited to go. 1.086 palabras más

Amy And Brian


18 miles southbound on PCT to get picked up near Hart’s Pass

Elevation gain: 3,986 ft

Elevation loss: 3,745 ft

Holy Cow…that thunderstorm last night was MAJOR! 1.523 palabras más

Amy And Brian