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Advent Christmas Calendar – The Americano 9th December

Simply take 1 oz Campari, 1 oz Red Vermouth and pour over ice into a tall glass, add soda water and a slice of orange. 13 palabras más

Ideas Worth Saving

The Coffee Guide for Beginners

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Coffee can be surprisingly hard to order. We’ve all been there, awkwardly standing there in line at a café, trying to decide what you want while people grow impatient behind you. 801 palabras más

The Woodman Pub - Highgate

The review is not a paid advertaisment. The ratings are for the coffee and not for the food.

It was just a few days before the U.K. 342 palabras más


The Scandinavian Coffee Pod

The review is not a paid advertaisment.

Hi, this is Elliot and Mamtha. Elliot loves a good cortado, too much to the point that’s the one coffee he tries everytime. 347 palabras más


Thrive On Café

Hellooo! Welcome to Breaking Bread!

In honour of the blog name, the first food post must surely be related to bread. I insist.

But I must also admit that some may argue it is not truly bread. 323 palabras más

Let Us Eat ...

Shot by the Americano

“The aroma, the taste gonna take you by surprise, man. One sip and you will be fond of it.”

That’s how I was introduced to Black Coffee.

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A New Normal

Just realised it’s been more than 1 year since a post. Things have changed so dramatically, not just in locally but the entire world as well. 42 palabras más