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Let´s get back to business

We love to travel. We love to explore. We love to fly.

Countries all over the place are finally trying to take back and ease some of the travel restrictions which we all were facing throughout the last couple of months. 268 palabras más


BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ: A Modern Reimagining of a Weimar Classic

With lots to admire about the ambitious reimagining, including strong performances and visual flair, the modernization of this tale feels out of place.

BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ: A Modern Reimagining of a Weimar Classic



I had hoped that after my last therapy session I would feel more alive and passionate again. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Instead I felt all the fear that is holding me back – only even more intensely than before. 501 palabras más


#686 Mindset - S1 E9 - WHY A GOD DAMN BOOK?

Exactly, why a God damn book? Why couldn’t I leave that for the experts, the professionals, the real authors out there in the world?

The answer might be surprisingly easy. 379 palabras más


VELVET INSANE feat. Dregen & Nicke Andersson

Glam rock fans should check out the newest single from Velvet Insane, Jesper Lindgren’s band. ‘Backstreet Liberace’ is the first single, taken from the upcoming album ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Glitter Suit’. 89 palabras más


Meeting German good practices 18.5.21 17:15

Public-Civil-Partnership: Towards implementing Education for Sustainable Development

Structural cooperation between the

Berlin Senate Administration for Education, Youth and Family


Non-governmental organizations

The Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Roadmap for 2030 identifies multi stakeholder engagement to be crucial for mainstreaming ESD. 234 palabras más