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Out of This World

Prediction Number Five

A new race of beings from another dimension of reality will reveal themselves to our world.

An Enlightened Perspective With Dr. Mitchell Gibson

E.M.'s Sunday Ramble Prompt 1/16/22

“Zombies, Aliens, and Apocalypse…Oh My!“.

Here are the questions and my answers:

  • Choose one person from history you would want on your team in a zombie apocalypse.
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Misadventures of Cody From Earth

Misadventures of Cody From Earth

Indigo Galaxy: Quadrant R3 Pt. 2

Kayla Drake

K.M Drake

enero 18, 2022

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Official Alien Disclosure Soon? Tic Tac, UFO, EBE, UAP, Obama, Clinton

Something very strange is going on in officialdom. Some of the most important figures in politics and the intelligence community are coming out publicly to state that UFOs are not only real but also might be extraterrestrial in origin. 204 palabras más


Space Aliens

World beyond earth:-

If we look into the sky with bare eyes what do we find?

It seems to look as a cluster of stars which are haphazard in nature mostly, but if we look at it from a larger perspective we see that they are actually of sizes much greater than of our earth ,these stars have their own planetary system just like our solar system so the probability of finding extraterrestrial living organisms is not out of box. 211 palabras más


Bursting throughout the back door, Doug boltS into the living room. He grabs his iPhone from the coffee table. He’s frantic as his fingers fly over the on screen keyboard, texting his brother… 126 palabras más

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