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Criminal response of UK ruling elite to COVID-19 produces huge waiting list for elective procedures - World Socialist Web Site

The enormous backlog of untreated elective patients in the UK is a product of the murderous herd immunity policy of the ruling elite.

A scientifically coordinated response to the pandemic with test, trace and quarantining along with proper lockdown of non-essential parts of the economy could have not only avoided the massive death toll from Covid-19 but also the unprecedented waiting list for elective procedures, investigations, treatment and care.

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Therapeutic Notes:3 Functions of Supervision

My career journal is filled with scraps of paper, my dreams, countless questions, and thoughts; all of which bring a flood of memories with one powerful statement, which is “I wish someone would have told me this.” So, I’ll be the one telling you. 79 palabras más


Co-opting Federalism

Featured Image – The Indian Express

A strategy that is often seen to be a hallmark of the ruling party. Cooperative Federalism, unloads a lot more responsibility on the State Governments in India while at the same time centralising certain powers meant for the states to use. 499 palabras más


Council Agenda Preview - May 4, 2021

The agenda this week seems to be tidying up a number of outstanding issues. The only item that interested me was the proposal to require paid daily permits for overnight parking at the Champaigne Boat Launch… 850 palabras más

Parry Sound

May 2021 Public Board Meeting Agenda

To do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we are hosting our meetings virtually until further notice. 154 palabras más


May 2021 - Agenda

Little Switzerland Road District

Public Meeting

Thursday, May 6, 2021, 6:30pm

Virtual Meeting via Zoom (contact the Secretary for link)


Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance… 22 palabras más