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Agenda: May 12, 2021 Board Meeting

Starting in May the Board of Supervisors will resume public meetings in the Township Building. However under current Covid restrictions, and in view of the size of our meeting room, seating for the public at the Board of Supervisors meetings will be limited to  25 palabras más


Rocketbook Panda Planner Review

As someone who works in administration, I love notebooks, I love to use them at work and at home, but my problem is that I either use them a couple of times and then never again or I fill them and they sit on my shelf forever because I just don’t want to throw them out yet. 622 palabras más


The truth about boundaries

There is one key element of boundaries that I never knew. And once I got the “truth” in my head, I started to handle my boundaries differently and more effectively. 405 palabras más


Parish Council AGM - Thursday 13th May

The Annual General Meeting of the Horley Parish Council will be held on-line at: –

7.30 pm on THURSDAY 13th MAY 2021.

The meeting is open to the public. 94 palabras más


Criminal response of UK ruling elite to COVID-19 produces huge waiting list for elective procedures - World Socialist Web Site

The enormous backlog of untreated elective patients in the UK is a product of the murderous herd immunity policy of the ruling elite.

A scientifically coordinated response to the pandemic with test, trace and quarantining along with proper lockdown of non-essential parts of the economy could have not only avoided the massive death toll from Covid-19 but also the unprecedented waiting list for elective procedures, investigations, treatment and care.

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