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Quitting the band?

Perhaps I’m just burned out. Maybe not. I don’t feel burned out but playing in the band no longer has any excitement for me.

I’ve been playing the Oboe in a community band since 2002. 405 palabras más



It’s important to commemorate the milestones…

I wasn’t sure I’d make it here. I remember my excitement when I turned 100, or rather, my blog turned 100. 1.171 palabras más

Blog Branding: What Is Your Blogging Purpose?

This post is designed specifically for Bloggers who want, and need, to think outside the box. This is not intended for Hobby Bloggers, largely because the approach is completely different. 1.166 palabras más


A Happy Medium

‘We need focus on getting back to normal.’

Talk to anyone about their opinion on the pandemic and it will probably feature that line. But what if the pandemic has shown us that our previous way of life was too fast paced, and we all need to slow down a little? 667 palabras más

Freelance Writer

1L Guide: How Do I Get Started on Outlining?

When I was a 1L, my Civ Pro TA told us that Halloween was the absolute latest day to get started on outlining. What she must not have understood at the time was that I didn’t really feel like it. 1.272 palabras más

Intellectual Life

Add A Monster To Your Next Novel: The Erymanthian Boar

Come with us on another monster adventure! Last post we focused on the Mesopitamian creature the Aqrabuamelu (Scorpion Man). Today we jump to Greek mythology with the Erymanthian Boar! 191 palabras más


The Post

After having my son last August I was diagnosed with postpartum anxiety. Yes I definitely was depressed but that wasn’t what was causing my stress. How everything went down during Covid was my breaking point. 1.568 palabras más