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Perseverance Lands

Perseverance, the latest Mars rover, touched down on the Red Planet this past Thursday, February 18, 2021. I didn’t get to watch the live coverage as I had hoped, but no one else was able to see the landing live, either, as it would take more than 11 minutes for the signal and images to reach earth. 514 palabras más


Mars Rover Lands!

First image from Perseverance rover after touchdown on Mars. (courtesy NASA). No, you won’t see Neil Armstrong’s foot, but still amazing! Note the shadow of the rover on the Martian soil and the film of dust on the camera lens. 618 palabras más


Do you believe there is intelligent life out there?

Following on from yesterday’s post and inspired by this tweet

Many astronomers refuse to believe there is intelligent life out there. Avi Loeb is different…

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The Universe And Stuff

How not to behave in a Zoom discussion...

A couple of days ago, on February 12th, there was a ‘Golden webinar in Astrophysics’ one of a series that seeks to bring forefront research in astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology to the public in the English and Spanish languages. 284 palabras más

The Universe And Stuff

How you can help astronomers hunt for undiscovered worlds.

Blink, and you’ll catch it

By William Poor on February 11, 2021 9:00 am

Astronomers discovered the stars closest to our Solar System more than 100 years ago. 302 palabras más


More SETI game theory

Apparently, the rationale behind SETI’s decision to use the hydrogen line (1420 MHz) for their radio signal search was that this would be a likely frequency for ET to choose, because it would suggest intelligent design, rather than some natural phenomenon. 2.654 palabras más