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Add New User to EC2


Add a new user to the EC2 Linux instance

1. Connect to your Linux instance using SSH.

2. Use the adduser command to add a new user account to an EC2 instance (replace… 254 palabras más


Expand EC2 Root Volume


The problem: the root filesystem is running out of space

Here’s an example to illustrate the problem. Alon launches a Micro server via the TurnKey Hub. 952 palabras más


Mount EBS to EC2


AWS allows you to create new EBS volumes and you can attach it to instances for extra storage. However, to make it usable as storage inside the instance, you need to mount it to a specific folder. 557 palabras más


Auto Photo Colourizer V1.62

Auto Photo Colorizer V1.62

This Freeware app for Windows and Linux attempts to convert black and white photos to colour using an A.I algorithm created by boffins at Berkley Uni. 753 palabras más


Menghantar dan Menerima Fail dan Dokumen (Antara Telefon dan Komputer) - Tetapi memberi tumpuan hanya kepada proses penghantaran

Terdapat pelbagai sebab kita mahu menghantar sesuatu fail dari telefon pintar kita kepada komputer atau sebaliknya iaitu dari komputer kepada telefon. Cara yang paling mudah bagi telefon berperisian… 2.322 palabras más

Sending and Receiving Files (Phone and Computer) - But focusses mainly on sending

There are many reasons we would want to send a file from our phone to our computer or from our computer to our phone. The easiest way for an android phone and linux desktop would be just to connect the two apparatus using USB cable. 2.485 palabras más

Blender 2.92 ha llegado y sus desarrolladores aseguran que es el inicio de algo increíble

Tres meses después de la versión anterior, ya tenemos nueva entrega de este famoso software de modelado y edición de imágenes en 3D. Se trata de… 321 palabras más