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Cubo Sumatra Toro by Dapper Cigars

Cubo Sumatra Toro by Dapper Cigars. Dapper Cigars. Dapper Cigar Company is an American cigar company. Their home base is Fresno, California. Not a place where you would expect a cigar company to be honest. 366 palabras más

Nicaraguan Cigars

Saint Luis Rey Herfing exclusivo Medio Oriente

Saint Luis Rey Herfing exclusivo Medio Oriente. That is the 2017 Regional Edition for the Middle East. Even though this cigar is part of the 2017 Regional Edition program, the cigar is available since 2019. 459 palabras más

Cuban Cigars

San Jeronimo Habano Natural Robusto

San Jeronimo Habano Natural Robusto. A cigar distributed by Kafie Cigars, yet it’s not produced at Tabacalera Kafie y Cia. San Jerónimo is the oldest brand in existence in Honduras. 401 palabras más


[Muzyka] Almanach 90: Trip hop

Nie byłbym sobą, gdybym w tym cyklu nie umieścił trip hopu. Mój ulubiony gatunek muzyczny powstał na początku lat 90t-tych, a jedna z jego sztandarowych płyt, „Blue Lines” Massive Attack, świętuje w tym roku swoje trzydziestolecie. 414 palabras más


#90: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Lean, green and on the screen

Steve Barron, 1990

“You guys must be studying the abridged book of ninja fighting.”

Way, way back in 1983, two comic book artists named Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird were hard at work.

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