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Surviving a pandemic II

Part 2: Food for Thought

Surely at some point of time we all have wondered how it would have been if we could just control the train of thoughts. 1.362 palabras más


Self esteem and other stories

“Your job doesn’t prove your worth”

How ironic for this to trend on LinkedIn-a portal where one of the most common posts one can find is of people declaring their new achievements/adventures/journey i.e, their jobs. 576 palabras más

21 Days

Highlight of the Day #21 ft. Pride.

1. I’m proud of me!

There is a widely common notion that it takes 21 days to fully form a new habit. Allegedly, as per psychology, it takes 21 days for new neuro-pathways to be fully formed in your brain. 589 palabras más

Highlight Of The Day

New habit...

A new habit can be form in 21 days if you continue to practice.

An An boy.. he is full recover now. 🙏🏻

Our lovely cat, An An boy was injured, we let him to wear “collar” to ensure he can’t lick his wound. 117 palabras más


How Long Does It Take for a New Habit to Become Automatic ?

If You Want the Quick Answer

According to a 2009 study which was published in the European Journal ( Social Psychology), a person takes 18 to 254 days to form a new habit. 646 palabras más


One Week Exercise Streak!

The first week of my Grand Habit Quest has been completed. Seven green ticks on my calendar. This post will give an update of what seven days of exercise have looked like for me, how I’ve found this first week, and my thoughts for the two weeks of exercise ahead of me. 466 palabras más


Habit Forming

I’m pretty sure there is something to be said that when I searched for an image to encapsulate the concept of “habit” or “habit forming” the first few pages were images of smoking and drinking. 570 palabras más