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Directed By: Louis Letterier
Written By: Zak Penn (Script Revisions By: Edward Norton)
Cinematography: Peter Menzies Jr.
Editing By: Rick Shaine & Vincent Tabaillon & John Wright…
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Reading Books (Collected): The Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flamel: Deel 1 (Michael Scott)

Auteur: Michael Scott
Nederlands – Paperback


De Nicholas Flamel serie kwam in mijn leven toen ik de Alchemist van Michael Scott in een stations boekenzaak in Amersfoort vond. 625 palabras más

All Of The Above

Strathisla 13 and Miltonduff 13 for Van Wees

Van Wees, a very well known bottle-shop and importer of various kinds of booze celebrates their 100th anniversary. Officially that happened last year but the plague got in the way of timely celebrations. 615 palabras más


12 Lotus (2008)

This companion piece to ‘881’ is the lesser of the two – craft-wise it is pretty good, but characterisations are much less convincing here.


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Reading Books (Collected): 24: Declassified series


Declassified is een serie waar drie auteurs het leven schetsen van Jack Bauer in zijn jonge jaren bij CTU. De verhalen zijn gevuld met cameo’s van de bekende gezichten uit de serie. 1.286 palabras más

All Of The Above

Amazing Spider-Man Extra #1 (July 2008)

When the news came the other day that Zeb Wells will be taking over Amazing Spider-Man in April, I thought «Oh cool, he actually wrote one of my favourite… 716 palabras más