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Un deceniu de la mișcarea indignaților în Spania

La zece ani de la mișcarea indignaților, care a transformat Puerta del Sol într-un simbol idealist al protestelor împotriva bipartidismului, hegemoniei piețelor financiare și ignoranței desăvârșite față de oameni și indivizi, Madridul a avut de ales din două una – libertate sau socialism. 1.830 palabras más


Alleged DC-area pastor charged with fraudulently obtaining $1.5M PPP loan

Alleged DC area pastor accused of fraudulently obtaining a $ 1.5M PPP loan

A suspected DC Area pastor is in trouble – he was arrested for cable fraud after federal investigators alleged he submitted false tax documents to obtain a $ 1.5 million Paycheck Protection Program loan. 471 palabras más

15M, Day 1: I don't think I ever properly "developed" as a child, and porn is one of the reasons for my burnout today.

I'm 15 years old, as said in the title, and quarantine has showed me that I never really had any goals in life other than a rush of dopamine. 396 palabras más

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