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  1. The Vale Magazine

    A keen cultural observer desperate to see and experience the beauties of the world, Katerina Papathanasiou publishes “The Vale Magazine,” an online news publication that scours the world for the best travel destinations, cultural events, and life stories.

  2. Equestrian Adventuresses

    Equestrian Adventuresses is a community for women who love horses, travel, and adventure. They offer travel advice, motivational stories, and travelogues to inspire your next vacation on horseback.

  3. Goats on the Road

    Goats on the Road is the blog of adventure-seeking digital nomads. The site offers advice on how to make money while traveling — so you can keep on going!

  4. Around the World with WordPress: Jamaica

    Today, we’re highlighting five sites from the island paradise of Jamaica.

    Adventures with Elle
  5. Animalcouriers

    “We were pleased to have little canary Paris onboard for company during the journey from the UK to Greece.” Don’t want to leave your best friend behind? Animalcouriers can move your animals worldwide by air and by road through Europe — and keep you up to date on their travels on their blog!

  6. Beer Samples By State

    Love craft beer? There are over 6,300 breweries across the U.S. and more than 150 different styles. On this list at BREWS ‘N’ BBQ, explore craft beers by state. All the beers have been consumed by the writers!

  7. Art
    By Amy Slatem
  8. An Andaluz Art: Horse Riding in Jerez de la Frontera

    Tim Ginty profiles Juan Rubio Martínez, a veteran rider at the Andalusian Royal School of Equestrian Art: “It’s said that the horse transmits the character of the person.”

  9. Art
    Photo by Lignum Draco.
  10. Landmines

    “The chemotherapy would take a scorched earth approach, wiping out the cancer and everything else in its path, laying waste to fields, burning crops, and leaving only bones amidst the rubble.”

  11. The Art of Staying Still

    So what comes of us working stiffs? The ones tethered to desks and paychecks and accountability? When our identities become like iron around us, unshakable and unshedable, how do we break free?

    Personal Musings
  12. Why You Shouldn’t Have Existential Crises in the Rain

    “It took me a moment to realize I was falling.” A mind spinning out of control, a rainy day in the park, and a hard fall lead to laughs and lessons in this fun but insightful vignette.

    Personal Musings
  13. My Custard Pie

    Gloucestershire-born Sally Prosser has been living (and cooking) in the Middle East since 1995. Currently in Dubai, her excellent blog My Custard Pie is equal parts original recipes, cookbook and restaurant reviews, and Dubai slice-of-life.