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  1. Shakespeare, Trump: On Being Irrational

    “What Happened? How did we get here?” John Kelly looks at the first questions we ask when we encounter the irrational in art and in real life — and at how we might answer them and move forward.

  2. After the Final Curtain: Matt Lambros Photographs America’s Movie Theaters in Ruins

    Photographer Matt Lambros captures the decaying past in America’s abandoned movie theaters.

    The Loew’s Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, New York, designed by the architectural firm of Rapp and Rapp. All images courtesy of Matt Lambros, After the Final Curtain.
  3. “Diversity” Is A Problem

    Melissa Hillman on the struggle for real diversity in academia, theater, and beyond: “The problem with diversity without equity is that diversity can be accomplished in ways that entirely preserve the white male power structure.”

  4. The Problem with Parity Is It’s Not Enough

    Playwright Abbey Fenbert writes a sharp, thought-provoking manifesto against the stubborn gender inequality in American theater repertories.

  5. Shakespeare and Me: Bloggers Share Their Passion for the Bard

    From webcomics and essays to videos, a collection of some of the web’s most engaging Shakespeare-centric blogs.

  6. Zounds, Alack, and By My Troth

    Shakespeare enthusiast Ben Sawyer transforms some of the Bard’s most memorable scenes and sonnets into offbeat, hilarity-filled webcomics.

  7. Shakespeare Confidential

    April 23rd marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. Writer, blogger, and language lover John Kelly celebrates the occasion by reading through the Bard’s entire corpus in 2016, chronicling the journey on his site.

  8. Do Better: On Diversity on Stage

    Chicago-based actor Harmony France wrote an impassioned plea for theaters and casting directors to embrace a more diverse worldview — and more diverse casts.

  9. Why I’m Tired of Being an (Asian) Actor

    “I go online and see the cast. My jaw, my heart, my soul drops to the floor. How could they cast a white guy? They couldn’t find anyone a shade darker than this?” Disgruntled Asian actor Alexis Camins recounts the time he lost a role of the tribal chief in a big New York production — to a white actor.