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  1. Four Education Blogs to Explore this Back-to-School Season

    Whether they tackle tough topics or inspire better learning habits, these sites prompt readers to think, question, and engage.

  2. What Is Music For

    Cellist Miranda Wilson on music’s sublime and subversive power, and the importance of music education: “Music is not a daily vitamin or a nasty vegetable that you have to eat before you can have ice cream. Music is worth studying because music is wonderful.”

  3. NEA Today

    NEA Today is the main news site of the National Education Association, where you’ll find stories and features on teaching in 21st-century America, told from a wide variety of perspectives.

    Image by Max Klingensmith (CC BY-ND 2.0)
  4. Why I Don’t Want My Kid Growing Up “Normal”

    “I want you to enjoy every moment of your life and sometimes just toss that hair in a quick messy bun and run out the door on your way to another adventure.” Writer Larinna Chandler wishes for her daughter to blaze her own path.

  5. Diane Ravitch’s Blog

    This “site to discuss better education for all” is the personal blog of Diane Ravitch, a historian of education and research professor of education at New York University.

  6. My Wife Is a Lazy Liar

    “About ten or eleven at night, she comes to bed and pretends to be exhausted. She acts as though teaching 24 kids, some with significant emotional problems, is more challenging than having a real job.” A husband’s thoughts on his lazy, lying wife — who claims to “work hard” as a teacher.

  7. Can We Have a “Grown Up” Conversation About Scholastic Sports?

    Low-income urban schools have been forced to abandon athletics, says Delgreco K. Wilson: “We have entered into a new era in public education and as a result a new era in scholastic sports. The new era stands in stark contrast to the school-based programs of the past.”

  8. When The Boys’ Room Isn’t Safe For A Boy

    At Raising My Rainbow, Lori Duron describes why her son is terrified of using the bathroom at school: “He has stopped drinking his juice boxes at lunch. He refuses to drink anything at breakfast…. He’ll do anything to avoid having strangers look at his private parts while taking bets as to what they’ll see when they get to see something.”

  9. Dress Coded

    “Female bodies are not public art. They are not for your viewing pleasure…. Schools are teaching girls, at a very, very young age, that they are on display, and that is not OK.” Sophie at Sophieologie comments on unnecessary sexualization and one school’s decision to ban leggings and yoga pants because they’re distracting to male students.

  10. Dear Google, You Should Have Talked to Me First

    “And you call this personalized learning? What’s personalized about letting a computer system match kids with books?” Teacher Jen Marten explains why Google’s $40 million investment in Renaissance Learning is a bad idea.

  11. A Veteran Teacher Shadows Two Students for Two Days

    “You start to feel sorry for the students who are told over and over again to pay attention because you understand part of what they are reacting to is sitting and listening all day.” A teacher shadows students for the first time — and explains a lesson learned.