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  1. In the Age of Social Media Self-Promotion, Do Creatives Still Need Personal Websites?

    “You have freedom and control with your website. It stands out far more than a 3 x 3 grid of expandable pictures.” Professionals in the design industry discuss the pros and cons of a website in the age of Instagram.

  2. How to Showcase Your Projects

    “Your work is a reflection of who you are. How you curate your projects influences the story people tell themselves about you.” The final toolkit from season two’s Own Your Content campaign offers tips on building your online portfolio.

  3. Khoi Vinh on How His Blog Amplified His Work and Career

    “But mostly you have to do it in a way that continually stirs your personal passion.” On the Own Your Content site, Khoi Vinh shares insights on blogging, content versus writing, and building one’s own platform.

  4. Kruttika Susarla

    Kruttika Susarla is an illustrator, comic maker, and graphic designer based in New Delhi. She explores themes of gender, sexuality, and observations on the status quo. Her clean, minimal online portfolio showcases her comics and editorial work.

  5. Art
    By Nicholas Friesen
  6. Showcase Your Best Work with Portfolio Projects

    Highlight your best work in a visual way with the portfolio feature.

    The WordPress.com portfolio feature on the website of author Richard Hoffman.
  7. Showcase Your Art with These Professional Portfolio Themes

    These portfolio-style websites showcase the latest masterpieces of three artists.

  8. Food, Art, Memory: Yaansoon’s Mediterranean Fusion

    A spotlight on an illustration portfolio site that channels the textures and flavors of a colorful, diverse region.


    Images from the food illustration portfolio at Yaansoon Illustration + Art.

  9. J.S. Graboyes Illustration

    Illustrator J.S. Graboyes works primarily in pen-and-ink and watercolor and occasionally in charcoal and colored pencil. Graboyes explores urban settings and focuses on buildings and street scenes in and around Washington, DC — and beyond.

  10. Jonas Rask Photography

    Jonas Dyhr Rask, an official Fujifilm X-Photographer based in Denmark, draws his inspiration from the “interplay between humans and their surroundings.” He focuses on documentary street photography, documentary wedding photography, and portraiture.

  11. Divine Day Photography

    Divine Day Photography showcases the work of UK fashion and wedding photographer Sandra von Riekhoff, who specializes in weddings and engagement shoots in luxurious and rustic venues.

    Divine Day Photography
  12. Ryan Bolton

    Ryan Bolton is an award-winning writer and photographer based in Toronto, Canada. He’s traveled to five continents to tell stories, and his writing and images have been published widely.

    Photo Essay
    ryan bolton
  13. Diane Foug

    Diane Foug is a San Francisco based artist who specializes in drawings, sculptures, and assemblages. Her portfolio offers a sampling of abstract, vibrant, and expressive pieces.