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  1. Celebrating Diversity, Form, and Voice: National Poetry Month

    Because we can never get enough poetry.

    Visual Poem by Katy Telling via Soft Cartel.
  2. Ten Poems about Travel

    No matter where your journey takes you in 2019, what better way to kick it off than with 10 travel-themed poems, lovingly collected by the editors at JSTOR Daily?

  3. If You Want to Get Along, Trapped in the Matrix, and One Too Many Incidents

    “Daylight hurts like the memory / of more flexible structures, but night / inserts its stainless prongs and feels / for the organs most at risk.” An excerpt from one of three poems by William Doreski, published in the winter 2018 issue of The Coachella Review.

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  4. Linebreak

    Linebreak is an established hub for powerful poetry, where a new poem has appeared — in both text and audio — every Tuesday since 2008.

  5. Short Poems and Other Nonsense

    Short poems and writing by Christopher Mc Geown, on topics ranging from depression and relationships to family and society.

  6. “To Plant Words, Not Seeds”: Four Poems for National/Global Poetry Month

    A selection of recent favorites from Discover’s poetry archives (and beyond).


    Image by Christy Bharath at verseherder.

  7. Jambo Robyn

    On her blog, Robyn Murray publishes poems and stories about random and ordinary things.

  8. The Power of Words: A Selection of Poetry from 2016

    Journal and zine editors share some of the powerful work they shared in the past year.


    "teasel in b&w," by PaulaB at The Temenos Journal.

  9. Fiction Builds Worlds; Poetry Breathes

    Brad Johnson on why you should be reading poetry: “…read the poet who at any given moment doesn’t so much take your breath away…but rather seizes it, holds it but for a moment, and returns it, changed into oxygen.”

  10. wanisinowin

    Lies, longing, and cultural disconnection trace a sad path through this poem by Samantha Marie Nock, a Métis woman living in Canada.

  11. from something larger

    “there wasn’t much to it
    the smell of mornings rain
    on a steamy street”
    A slip of paper, a relationship failing, a short poem.

  12. We Are Fragile Things

    “We are fragile things
    Broken by loss and fixed with love.”
    A poem inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, by the blogging duo at Nesbit and Gibley.

  13. On Laundry Day

    Poetry by Florence Lenaers: “on laundry day check the pockets, question / them, make them tell you what they know.”

    laundry by Chris Marquardt CCBY SA 2.0
  14. Untouched, but forever touching

    “The dust has settled on the surface
    Relaxing with the certainty of one so still,
    One so sure of their place in the world”
    An excerpt of a poem, from serenitynay.

  15. “And there is that soft spot where poetry likes to ‘poke’ you. . . . If you try logically to deduce a poem, it will take you nowhere; if you search for shortcuts, you will be lost; if you need answers, probably you will be disappointed.”