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  1. Intifooda: Rediscovering Palestinian Cuisine

    Saveur Blog Award finalist Intifooda is a recipe blog by two friends — Rasha S and Rasha K — dedicated to archiving and preserving traditional Palestinian cuisine.

  2. An Honest Living

    Steve Salaita spent 21 years in academia, a committed and passionate professor. Then he got fired. Now he drives a school bus, “one of the few institutions in the United States that protects the powerless from the depredations of commerce. “

  3. Merry Christmas from Bethlehem.

    Life in the shadow of a wall: a beautiful collection of images in and around Bethlehem, Palestine, from photographer David Feuillatre.

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  4. Native: An Interview with Arab-Israeli Author Sayed Kashua

    At REORIENT, Sarah Aziza engages Sayed Kashua in a wide-ranging conversation on identity, exile, and being an Arab author writing in Hebrew.

  5. Iain Akerman

    From parkour in Gaza to jazz in Addis Ababa, journalist Iain Akerman — who splits his time between London, Dubai, and Beirut — reports on underground subcultures in the Middle East and beyond.

  6. “I Am Interested in Human Stories”: Iain Akerman on the Alternative Scenes of the Middle East

    Westerners often see the Middle East as synonymous with war and strife. Iain Akerman has devoted his career to uncovering the region’s multifaceted underground cultures.

  7. Chef in Disguise

    Sawsan, also known as The Food Doctor, is an orthodontist by day and passionate food explorer by night. Born in Palestine, raised in Jordan, and now living in the United Arab Emirates, she shares her favorite regional recipes along with a heaping helping of insight into Middle Eastern life and culture.

  8. Okay, So I Noticed the Conflict…

    “I don’t believe all nonviolent options for peace are exhausted, and I don’t accept that the killing of Hamas operatives is ever so imperative that targeting errors resulting in the death of innocent civilians should be tolerated.” Nora at Circles in the Sky recounts an experience among demonstrations in Jerusalem.

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  9. Each One Is a World

    “And now, here was Amer, on the phone to confirm if the most recent killing in Gaza was another member of his family.” Filmmaker and activist Jen Marlowe recounts an evening when her friend learns that his cousin is killed in Gaza.

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  10. The Library

    Leila at Baddawi has created and pieced together a graphic novel of stories of her father’s life. Her father, from Palestine, grew up in a refugee camp in Lebanon, after which Leila’s blog is named. “The Library” is part of this ongoing series.