Nomads Filter
  1. Goats on the Road

    Goats on the Road is the blog of adventure-seeking digital nomads. The site offers advice on how to make money while traveling — so you can keep on going!

  2. Tiny House Giant Journey

    Tiny House Giant Journey is Jenna Spesard’s popular tiny house and travel blog, filled with practical tiny house advice and travel stories, videos, and photography from around the world.

  3. The Undiscovered Territory

    “Books and articles have been written about reverse culture shock. The identity crisis. . . . I find this state of consciousness intriguing rather than distressing. The thrill of disorientation and shattered perceptions. Besides, I never fit in to begin with.” J.D. Riso returns home after 19 years of a nomadic life.

  4. Streaming thru America

    Neal Lubetsky’s photoblog chronicles his travels across the US and Canada in a 28-foot Airstream trailer, sharing stories and stunning landscape shots along the way.

  5. Letting Go of Home

    “For the first time, I started to see my home objectively and realized the attachment I felt wasn’t to the frames that lined the shelves or the duvet that covered my bed.” Lily at True North Nomad describes one of the challenges of becoming nomadic.

  6. Exploring #Vanlife and Writing About Social Media Celebrities

    A Q&A with Rachel Monroe, who wrote about nomads in a vintage Volkswagen: “The idea of incorporating longer stints of rootlessness, even if there is a home base to come back to, is something that appeals to both professional vanlifers and people who are watching the trend from afar.”

  7. The Shooting Star

    In 2013, Shivya Nath packed her life into a backpack and hit the road indefinitely, staying in each place she visits for a few days, a few weeks, or as long as it keeps inspirng her — and then moves on.

  8. Gimme a Break: Why We’re Making the Switch to Part-Time Travel

    “Even the most hardcore nomads may need to put down some roots — roots that can be as shallow or as deep as you choose. We’re learning to accept that we’re not ‘failures at travel’ for feeling that pull too.” Nomad Kristin Snow reflects on balancing downtime with adventure.

  9. Blogging Nomads: On Wanderlust and Shared Journeys

    Three retired couples blog about their shared journeys and the joy of travel and self-discovery.

    Wanderlust calls. Image of the Bahia Honda Rail Bridge in Florida, courtesy of Paint Your Landscape.
  10. Adventures in Wonderland

    The story of an unconventional retirement: Don and Alison sold their car and apartment, gave away all their possessions, and headed out to see the world — they’re roughly 27 countries in, and counting.