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  1. Epilogue

    Ever wanted to travel North America? The blogger behind Streaming thru America just completed one year on the road, adventuring in an Airstream trailer, “blogging my way across America, searching for enriching and meaningful experiences with people and places, and anything that would make a good story.”

  2. On That Life I Always Wanted

    “In the end, the basic ingredients of existence never falter, whether you’re flying business or red-eye economy, or staying home.” Erin at outerNotes reflects on the lifestyle of a worldly jet-setter and wonders whether she’s “made it.”

  3. How to Blog Your Way around the World: A Conversation with Shivya Nath

    On solo travel, keeping a blog as a nomad, and finding inspiration in everyday encounters.


    Photo courtesy of Shivya Nath.

  4. Blogging Nomads: On Wanderlust and Shared Journeys

    Three retired couples blog about their shared journeys and the joy of travel and self-discovery.

    Wanderlust calls. Image of the Bahia Honda Rail Bridge in Florida, courtesy of Paint Your Landscape.
  5. Diary of a Traveller

    “He measures time by the difficulty of the terrain, the wind, and the mood of the weather.” Diary of a Traveller is the site of Zahariz Khuzaimah, a nomadic Malaysian adventurer, photographer, and filmmaker.

  6. Plus Ultra

    James, based in Hong Kong, chronicles his latest travels on his blog, Plus Ultra. “Plus Ultra,” the personal motto of a young Charles V — the future king of Spain — means to take risks and go “further beyond,” which reflects James’ travel philosophy.

  7. Legal Nomads

    At Legal Nomads, author, speaker, and soup lover Jodi Ettenberg tells stories through food. A former lawyer who quit her job in 2008 to travel the world, Jodi focuses on food, eating and traveling as a celiac, long-term and solo travel, and life as a digital nomad.

  8. Godspeed To A Mighty Balloon

    “I think people live their lives too quickly. . . . Sometimes it’s nice to walk the long way home.” Lana currently lives and works on Thailand’s Koh Tao as a divemaster. On her blog, she shares tales of travel, mishaps, and human connection.

  9. ISA Study Abroad Student Blog

    The ISA Study Abroad Student Blog is an open forum for ISA students to explore all aspects of the study abroad experience through stories and multimedia, and provides a closer look at life abroad for prospective students.

  10. Inspiration
  11. On Why I Don’t Have a Bucket List

    Jessica Lee at Road Essays explains why travel bucket lists narrow our perspectives: “So much of modern life is buried under lists with career goals and five year plans and achievements we should aim for. Let’s not spoil our travel time the same way.”

  12. There Can Be No Us

    The writer and backpacker at The Squeaky Robot on traveling, fleeting connections, and one’s own journey: “Companionship at that very moment was the most overrated thing in the world: it was just me and my backpack, large but light; there could be no secrets between the two of us because it already knew what I carried.”

    Personal Musings
  13. I’m Not From Here

    “During my travels across America, I’m always looking at other cities and asking, ‘Could we grow old together?'” At Thread, Eileen Dougharty muses on the idea of home, her relationships with cities — Seattle, Chicago — and finding both loneliness and solace through travel.