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  1. Adobe 99U

    99U, a career resource and event series from Adobe, inspires and helps creative professionals build their careers and make their big ideas happen. Explore its archives on ideas, leadership, productivity, marketing, money, and more.

  2. Alt Oasis 2019 Inspiration List: 10 Entrepreneurs to Follow

    These 10 speakers at the Alt Oasis conference in Palm Springs use their WordPress websites to promote their businesses and brands.

    Danielle Lucia Schaffer's City Girl Gone Mom and Angela Kim's Mommy Diary, both powered by WordPress.
  3. The Shutterstock Blog

    The official blog of the world’s largest royalty-free image-subscription site provides inspiration, tutorials, and tips for anyone from business owners and designers to photobloggers.

  4. Ben’s Beer Blog

    Based in London, Ontario, Ben Johnson is passionate about beer, and writes on the culture and business of craft beer in Canada and beyond.

  5. How Three Authors Promote Their Books with Widgets

    Promote your books with text and image widgets.

  6. Interactive Map: United Colors of Tourism

    Not sure where to travel? Let Justraveling’s interactive “United Colors of Tourism” map entice you. It displays the marketing slogans of national tourist boards from around the world.

    Image by Justraveling
  7. Where Is The Balance Between Security, Authentication, Marketing, and Privacy?

    “There have been times when the ads that followed me around knew my needs even before I did.” How much privacy are you willing to relinquish for convenience? The team at The Scholarly Kitchen shares their insights.

  8. What’s the Problem with Pink and Princess?

    “Pink princess marketing is so forceful, backed by so many billions of dollars, that it’s not really a choice anymore. It’s proscriptive, it’s coercive, and it takes deliberate advantage of a developmental phase that industrial psychologists are well aware of.” Rebecca Hains explains that the problem isn’t the color pink — it’s the marketing.

  9. FCKH8’s “F-Bomb Princess” Video Is Exploitative

    Rebecca Hains dissects a viral video campaign: “Let’s stop debating whether we’re offended by little girls saying ‘fuck’ and focus on the heart of the matter, instead: by putting adult words into children’s mouths, FCKH8 is exploiting girls in this advertisement.”

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