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  1. Goats on the Road

    Goats on the Road is the blog of adventure-seeking digital nomads. The site offers advice on how to make money while traveling — so you can keep on going!

  2. Gap Year is an online community for backpackers and gap year travelers. Search for trip advice, travel inspiration, jobs, tours, and volunteering ideas.

  3. Adobe 99U

    99U, a career resource and event series from Adobe, inspires and helps creative professionals build their careers and make their big ideas happen. Explore its archives on ideas, leadership, productivity, marketing, money, and more.

  4. Want to Get Hired by Your Favorite Rapper? Build a Website.

    Negele “Hospey” Hospedales wanted to be Chance the Rapper’s intern. So he built a website to get noticed.

  5. Doing More Only to Do Less

    “Perfectionism — that shadow from our childhoods. We want to be excellent — because if we are, we will be worthy of love. So we take on anything and everything that is thrown us.” Sue Wildish at Campari&Sofa asks: Do we work too much? Do we glorify busy?

  6. The problem is that this job, the one you love, probably doesn’t exist. And if you make it your primary goal to find a job that you love, you will be unemployed for a very long time.

  7. This is Probably a Good Time to Say That I Don’t Believe Robots Will Eat All the Jobs

    Marc Andreessen on robots: “Even when robots and AI are far more powerful, there will still be many things that people can do that robots and AI can’t.”