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  1. Exploration
  2. Tokyo Review

    Even if you don’t live anywhere near the world’s largest city, Tokyo Review publishes timely, engaging articles that invite all readers to learn more about Japan’s economy, culture, and politics.

  3. Scenes of Springtime and Sakura from Celia in Tokyo

    Teacher and expat blogger Celia chases the cherry blossoms this spring in Tokyo.

    All images courtesy of Celia in Tokyo
  4. Tokyo’s Most Stunning Spots for Cherry Blossoms

    At Travel with Nano B., Nano shares a photographic tour of well-known places and her own favorite spots in and around Tokyo to see cherry blossoms and enjoy the hanami season.

  5. Rediscover Fukushima

    Zoë, originally from Milton Keynes, UK, works for the Fukushima Prefecture Tourism and Local Products Association in Japan. On her blog, she documents her travels throughout Fukushima Prefecture as she learns about its history, culture, food, and people.

  6. Spoon & Tamago

    Since 2007, Johnny Strategy has been curating and celebrating the best in Japanese art, design, and culture at Spoon & Tamago.

  7. Photography
    Maiko ( trainee geisha ) waiting for taxi on Kiyamachi-dori street in Higashiyama nr. Gion, Kyoto, Japan
  8. Thoughts on Belonging

    Writer and educator Monna McDiarmid, a Canadian based in Yokohama, Japan, reflects on her shifting sense of belonging to the various places she’s lived in.

  9. Nature
  10. Exploration
    Stephen Blythe-Japan a Trois
  11. illustrated memory

    Aram Kim is a New York-based children’s book author and illustrator. Illustrated Memory is her online journal of writing and illustrated memories of food.

  12. Snow Monkey Photography

    Snow Monkey Photography is the online journal of travel photographer James Martin, who has taken pictures in over thirty countries and across five continents.

  13. Sea of Crises

    A beautiful, layered piece of online storytelling on Grantland on sumo wrestling, seppuku, Tokyo, and the complex history and culture of Japan. Get lost in Brian Phillips’ words.