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  1. thisisFINLAND

    Learn all the “things you should and shouldn’t know” at thisisFINLAND. Explore travel and business opportunities, arts and culture, and read breaking news in Finland.

  2. Consequences of Not Having Your Shit Together

    Will Nicole get home in one piece after her study abroad trip? “What ensued was one of the worst character-building experiences of my life. It was over 100 degrees. The first stretch, and for all I knew, the whole stretch, was at an incline of at least 30 degrees.”

  3. Parenting Books I Need To Read

    Dorky Mom Erika is preparing to write parenting books for real life: “Baby Girl ripped the page out of the book about positive discipline. Minutes after I corrected her, she used a crayon to scribble in the book about the defiant child.”

  4. Retro Recipe Attempts

    “Tasting the fare of yesteryear, the disastrous and the delicious.” Looking for a recipe for puddin’ cookies, Watergate Salad, or Frankie Doodle Dandy — with wonderful historical context? Look no further!

  5. Can Comedy Be Comfortable? One Question, Seven Humorists

    Seven humorists weigh in on a single question: can comedy be comfortable?

    Photo by This Year's Love, (CC BY-SA 2.0).
  6. Looking Bad is the New Looking Good

    What’s up with making glamorous models look miserable, hostile, and greasy? ML Philpott at I Miss You When I Blink envisions the creative meetings for fashion ads.

  7. Great Mistakes in English Medieval Architecture

    Uhh, we don’t need a vaulting shaft there

    Oh, whoops


    I’ll just, like, cover it up with some leaves, no one will notice

    Good job