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  1. Okonjima Nature Reserve: The African Cat Experience

    “There she was. Amali. In all her splendor.” At Big Tiny World Travel, Brianna recounts her adventure searching for big cats in Namibia’s Okonjima Nature Reserve.

  2. Simon’s Cat

    Simon’s Cat is the adorable, mischievous cat of British animator and illustrator Simon Tofield. On his official website, you’ll find his blog, films, and information about projects and merchandise, like books, games, and comic strips.

  3. Purrfect Portraiture: Girls and Their Cats by Photographer BriAnne Wills

    Photographer BriAnne Wills photographs women and their feline companions in their homes.

    Lizz Hill Wiker with her mixed Persian/Bengal cats, Prince and Stevie. All photos by BriAnne Wills at Girls and Their Cats.
  4. Girls and Their Cats

    Girls and Their Cats is a photo series by Brooklyn-based fashion photographer BriAnne Wills that showcases cat-owning women in a positive light. She’s photographed over 180 women so far.

  5. “Stuck in her mouth was a single blade of green grass, her last effort to stave off dehydration, hypothermia, starvation, as if by swallowing that blade she could puke up death itself, like a hairball, and be well again.”

  6. Losing a Pet in an Autistic Household

    On how an Autistic son copes with loss: “At last, he asked how I felt. A grief inquisition ensued. As if he knew emotion collapses me inward, Tyoma tugged and pulled each word out of me, like an invasive, but beneficial medical procedure.”

    By Tyoma
  7. Happy International Internet Day (Plus: Cats!)

    October 29, 1969: we sent the first tiny bit of data from one computer to another, and the world was never the same.

    The internet's favorite furry friend and meme fodder, lost in the tubes. (Photo by JPHoesch (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).
  8. Animals
  9. Victorians and Their Cats

    “Day 246 of my imprisonment. My spirit is broken. I have succumbed to the affections of my human overlords. Even my heterochromia brings me no joy. Life is meaningless…” A brief history of Victorians and their cats, through art.

  10. The Earl of Southampton’s Cat

    “The Conceitful Discourses of Sundrie Catts, Never Before Imprinted.” What if the letters of an Elizabethan-era cat were discovered and published online? They might look something like this.

  11. Adventure Cats

    The featured felines at Adventure Cats live their nine lives to the fullest. From cat tales to pawsome reads, the site is a fun resource for people seeking ways to explore the outdoors with their furry companions.

  12. Three Poems About Cats

    “Why such deep mourning?
    Because we can no longer
    see in the dark without them?”
    Margaret Atwood shares three poems about cats, published in her 2007 book, The Door.

  13. Toward Not Eating Animals

    “When I awakened from the nightmare of drugs and alcohol, although it wasn’t in my consciousness, I think deep down I was aware of this bond that had been formed. What these two little animals had done for me.” At Animal, Michael Lane describes the spiritual experience of getting sober and becoming a vegetarian.