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  1. Monetize Your Site: Options to Make Money on

    No matter your goals, there is a monetization option for you.

  2. The Adverts 250 Project

    Every day, The Adverts 250 Project highlights ads from Colonial America, shedding light on the era’s material culture and everyday life, and showing the pervasive presence of slavery in 18th-century advertising.

  3. Envisioning The American Dream

    Sally Edelstein looks back at America’s past, and a media and advertising industry devised to sell the Mid-Century American Dream.

  4. Looking Bad is the New Looking Good

    What’s up with making glamorous models look miserable, hostile, and greasy? ML Philpott at I Miss You When I Blink envisions the creative meetings for fashion ads.

  5. FCKH8’s “F-Bomb Princess” Video Is Exploitative

    Rebecca Hains dissects a viral video campaign: “Let’s stop debating whether we’re offended by little girls saying ‘fuck’ and focus on the heart of the matter, instead: by putting adult words into children’s mouths, FCKH8 is exploiting girls in this advertisement.”

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  6. Last Night’s Budweiser Ad was Exploitative

    Don Gomez at Carrying the Gun explains why the “A Hero’s Welcome” Super Bowl 2014 ad missed the mark: “I’ve been seeing this same thing over and over since 2001. The image of US service members used for others’ gain. Packaged, edited, and put to music to make you ‘feel’ something.”

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