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  1. Discover Prompts, Day 17: Distance

    Faraway, so close? Distance can both separate and connect us.

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  2. Ask, Listen, and Learn: Understand and Engage Your Audience with Polls and Surveys

    With Crowdsignal, you can create polls, conduct surveys, send quizzes, and more.

  3. Discover Prompts, Day 16: Slow

    We live in a fast-paced, instant-gratification world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a more relaxed rhythm every once in a while.

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  4. Discover Prompts, Day 15: Scent

    Today, take a deep breath — through your nose.

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  5. Discover Prompts, Day 14: Book

    Have you had more time to read recently? What role do books play in your life?

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    Photo by Lina Kivaka (via Pexels)
  6. Meet the Real Hero Who Inspired Apple TV’s “Home Before Dark”

    Discover the true story of Hilde Lysiak, the young journalist who inspired a new mystery series about her life and her website.

  7. Discover Prompts, Day 13: Teach

    Few things are more powerful than helping others grow.

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  8. Discover Prompts, Day 12: Light

    This Sunday, let’s turn to the bright and shiny.

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  9. Discover Prompts, Day 11: Bite

    Sink your teeth into today’s prompt: Bite.

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  10. Discover Prompts, Day 10: Orchestrate

    Orchestrate: It’s more than just music!

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  11. National Pet Day: Shelter Animals Going Online

    To recognize National Pet Day on April 11, we look at how some animal shelters are tackling the problems they are facing during COVID-19 by going online.

    Courtesy of BCSPCA
  12. Discover Prompts, Day 9: Pairs

    Put two things together. Create beauty, create tension, create magic. Day 9 is all about Pairs.

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  13. Discover Prompts, Day 8: Curve

    Hairpin, graceful, zig-zag, curlicue — life is full of curves.

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  14. Discover Prompts, Day 7: Below

    Not everything happens at our eye level. Today, go below.

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  15. Discover Prompts, Day 6: Hands

    We can all use a helping one sometimes — or be one for someone else. Today, talk to us about hands.

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  16. Discover Prompts, Day 5: Dish

    Welcome to Discover Prompts! Throughout April, we’re sharing a daily prompt to help you keep or regain your writing rhythm. Not sure how to participate? Read on. It’s Sunday, so we might as well focus on something delicious. Serve us your best dish. Ready to roll? All you need to do is… Write a new […]

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  17. Discover Prompts, Day 4: Street

    From a suburban cul de sac to noisy avenues, every street contains a multitude of stories that need to be told.

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  18. Discover Prompts, Day 3: Song

    We all carry so many tunes in our head. Today, write about one of the them.

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  19. Blogging in the Time of Coronavirus: A Reading List

    Writing and art in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

    "Social distancing, Florida-style." Sarasota-based artist and photographer Neil Murray publishes sketches from his "Virus Diaries" series.
  20. Discover Prompts, Day 2: Open

    For many of us, the world has felt like a narrower, more limited place these past few weeks. Today, let’s think about wide-open possibilities.

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  21. Discover Prompts, Day 1: Joke

    Join us for a monthlong series of writing prompts, and connect with new readers and bloggers around the world.

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  22. International Transgender Day of Visibility: Sites and Resources

    Today, let’s celebrate trans bloggers and share resources offering support to the trans community.

    Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels
  23. In Need of Inspiration? Discover Writing Prompts Are Coming in April

    Join us next month to keep (or renew) your blogging momentum, and to connect with new writers around the world.

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  24. Tell Us How Your Site Is Adapting to COVID-19

    With a pandemic raging across the entire world, many are finding solace in their online communities.

    Current Events
  25. Readers Respond: Celebrating International Women’s Day 2020

    WordPress Discover readers honor the women in their lives.

    Photo by Jill Wellington