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  1. Tabitha Farrar on Eating Disorder Recovery

    Tabitha Farrar, one of the founders of World Eating Disorders Action Day, shares her experience of blogging about recovery — and supporting others in their own journeys.

    Neural Rewiring for Eating Disorder Recovery book cover, tabithafarrar.com
  2. Meg Guliford on being a black grad student right now: “I’m disappointed with and disheartened by the institutional expectation that pressing forward with little interruption while trying to process all this heartbreak is healthy.”

  3. Early Winter

    “I want for this type of springtime but right now, the meadow has been cut down and the only way for me to accept this is to pretend we are in early winter.” In quarantine, the writer at Rarasaur reflects on her shortage of words.

    Personal Essay
  4. Doodlewash: Creating an Online Watercolor Community

    How Charlie O’Shields built his own watercolor community on doodlewash.com.

  5. American Literary Review

    American Literary Review is published by the Department of English at the University of North Texas. Since 1990, they’ve published poetry, fiction, and nonfiction by writers at all stages of their careers.

  6. Thank You, Discover Prompt Participants!

    A month of writing prompts has come to an end, but our community marches on.

    Discover Prompts
  7. Asteroid 1998 OR2 makes a close pass of Earth

    Happy National Space Day in the US! Asteroid 1998 OR2 came within several million kilometers of Earth this week (but don’t worry — NASA says it won’t impact the Earth, if at all, for at least 200 years).

  8. Discover Prompts, Day 30: Grateful

    To close this monthlong event on a high note, answer this question: what are you feeling thankful for today?

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  9. Discover Prompts, Day 29: List

    Scoff at listicles all you want; lists are still among the most potent storytelling formats.

    Discover Prompts
  10. Discover Prompts, Day 28: Focus

    In an age of constant distraction, what does it take to stay focused?

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  11. Discover Prompts, Day 27: Team

    Teamwork is dreamwork? Sometimes. Today, let’s explore the idea of belonging to a team.

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  12. Discover Prompts, Day 26: Hidden

    Let’s not stop at the tip of the iceberg — let’s focus on the invisible parts today.

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  13. Discover Prompts, Day 25: Magic

    Presto! Let’s wave our magic wands to inspire today’s post.

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  14. Discover Prompts, Day 24: Elixir

    Today, our word is “Elixir.” What breathes life into you?

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  15. A Ramadan Story: From Blogging to Books

    Reem Farqui used her website to help her publish her first book.

    Courtesy of Reem Faruqi