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  1. The Country Where Fútbol Comes First

    If you love soccer, you probably enjoy a good underdog story. Here’s Uruguay’s: a small country with a rich World Cup legacy, which Candace Rose Rardon lovingly retells in her illustrated essay on Longreads.

  2. Cancel out the Doubt

    Team USA Paralympian Andrew Kurka writes on his hopes for PyeongChang: “There are so many responsibilities, so many thoughts, and so much good I want to do. When looking at it all, the journey, the sacrifice, the glory.”

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  3. A Shot at Glory

    Can the Canadian Men’s Olympic Hockey team bring home a medal? “They are not stars but they could soon be heroes. For the next ten days of their lives, they carry the collective hopes of the greatest hockey nation on earth.”

    Illustration by J.O. Applegate
  4. From a tribute to Roy Halladay: “When my teammates made a big play behind me or I made a big strikeout, I didn’t stand there celebrating. I didn’t scream. […] I didn’t jump around. Halladay didn’t, so I wouldn’t.”

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  5. Enjoy The Silence

    Leslie and Nick Ortego, the team behind Enjoy the Silence, share information about hiking and paddling, write gear reviews, and talk about their passion for the great outdoors.

  6. Mercedes Nicoll’s Fight Against Depression

    On #WorldMentalHealthDay, Canadian snowboarder and three-time Olympian Mercedes Nicoll shares her struggle with depression. “While I was depressed, I didn’t know I was depressed.”

  7. My Body Remembers

    “A year ago, I retired from football, but the effects of playing this game will likely never leave me.” Retired NFLer Eugene Monroe opens up about using cannabis to manage the chronic pain from years of sports-related injury.

  8. Tandem Trekking

    “We welcome you to live vicariously through our blog posts, photographs, videos and podcasts.” At Tandem Trekking, Lindsey does the writing, and Kyle takes the photographs. Their blog compiles their adventures climbing mountains, hiking trails, and rafting rivers.

    Photo via Tandem Trekking
  9. An Ode to the High Road: A Reflection on Haute Route Alpe D’Huez

    “Mountains are one of the wonders of this world. They’re at their best when we interfere with them as little as possible, and ride them as nature intended.” At The Mountain Mutton, cyclist Jim recounts the three-day Haute Route Alpe D’Huez event.

    Photo via The Mountain Mutton (Haute Route / Photorunning)
  10. 50 Shades of Grey Areas

    With rules both explicit and unspoken and a complex etiquette all its own, professional cycling is not a sport for people who don’t like uncertainty.

  11. Blogging For Your Brand: How Ruffwear Connects to Its Canine Community

    Ruffwear Explored, the blog of Ruffwear, successfully blends product promotion and customer stories.

    Photo by Ruffwear ambassador Maria Christina Schultz
  12. “Why is sentimentality considered such a ‘sweet fear’? It can portray an overly saccharine and false portrait of the world, for one. And as many have declared, that sentiment has no place in climbing.”

  13. A Porker of a Personal Best!

    Ashley Rae recounts landing the big one — a personal best carp on Lake Ontario: “One wrong move and this fish could be gone.”

  14. For Opening Day

    “He kept to himself during the pre-game jostling and joking, doing his stretches and running silently, eyes fixed in the grass or in the darkening skies of the summer evening. He had a sense about him of ascetic dedication to his craft. He prepared for each game as a priest might prepare for mass.”

  15. A love letter to climbing

    Kathy Karlo pens a love letter to climbing: “Nature becomes a great equalizer and through climbing, we’re able to channel emotions through something physical.”