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  1. Hijabi Librarians

    This group of librarians works to give voice to Muslim literature and books with Muslim protagonists: “We aim to recognize, celebrate and honor the books and authors that get it right.” As the site’s authors cleverly say, “We’ve got it covered.”

  2. Paula Stone Williams

    Paula Stone Williams, a pastor in Longmont, Colorado, writes on her personal blog about religion, LGBTQ rights, gender equality, and her own transition.

  3. John Pavlovitz

    A North Carolina-based pastor, John Pavlovitz writes on the noisy, messy intersection of faith, politics, and social justice in the U.S.


    From recent archaeological discoveries to articles on pop-culture references to the so-called “Middle Ages,” the writers behind aim to bring history alive.

  5. Pandaemonium

    Based in London, journalist and author Kenan Malik writes about religion, politics, and current events, touching on hot-button topics with patience and a critical distance.

  6. a day pack

    Emily Pack loves clothes — but also tries to live her values. Her blog is all about ethical fashion that helps her look and feel great.

  7. Looking for God in Messy Places

    “Life is messy. And you’ll find God right in the middle of it. That’s the Jesus message.” Jake Owensby, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana, explores peace, reconciliation, and justice through the lens of his faith.

    A Syrian boy peeks from behind a wall near a mobile clinic at a refugee camp in the southern town of Zahrani, south of the port city of Sidon, Lebanon, Monday, Sept. 7, 2015. There are some 1.2 million registered Syrian refugees in Lebanon, many of them living in flimsy tents scattered across the country. (AP Photo/Bilal Hussein)
  8. On Being

    The team behind On Being, a popular, award-winning radio show and podcast, publishes articles on the interplay of religion, culture, and modern life.

  9. The Other Journal

    At The Other Journal, theology intersects with culture. Presented twice yearly by the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, it features writing on theology, politics, art, poetry, and more.

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  10. Approaching Justice

    An online journal on religion and politics, Approaching Justice brings together writers and thinkers who try to make sense of modern American life through the lens of faith and ethics.

  11. Millennial

    Millennial is a journal where young Catholic thinkers reflect on current events, politics, culture, and faith.

  12. J.S. Park

    Can you be a believing Christian who thinks like an atheist? “Recovering atheist” J.S. Park thinks so, and unpacks what that means on his thoughtful blog.

  13. didwell

    Daniel at didwell publishes longform on theology, queer issues, and more. From his essays on gun violence, the church, and masculinity to his “Queering the Christian Table” series, Daniel has created a thoughtful space to explore his interests and create meaningful conversations.

  14. The Millennial Pastor

    What happens to the Christian Church in the internet age? Lutheran pastor and millennial Rev. Erik Parker tries to figure it out, both from the pulpit and on his blog.

  15. Almost Orthodoxy

    An online journal on theology, arts, politics and culture from a range of Christian writers and scholars.