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  1. The Blank Check

    “You never got the chance to try to stop living the life. And for that, we will be forever in your debt.” Veteran Sean Hughes reflects on Memorial Day in the United States.

  2. Abuse
  3. Carrying the Gun

    Don Gomez served in the Army as an enlisted infantryman, twice in Iraq. Originally a space for his thesis research, Carrying the Gun is now a site for essays and musings on the military, war, and culture.

  4. What to Do About Syria

    “I hate to see moral solemnity go to waste, though. There are practical things that an earnest leftist could do about Syria, if she wants to, rather than sitting around expressing solidarity to the void.” An essay by Scott Long at A Paper Bird on what to do about Syria.

  5. Reporting for Duty, Sir

    Rod Deaton at Paving the Road Back remembers and honors a young veteran: “War, with its horrors and realities, did try to destroy his tender heart. It did leave its wound in that heart, its permanent reminder of what had been lost, of who had been lost. Yet along with a tender heart, War found a determined heart.”

  6. Okay, So I Noticed the Conflict…

    “I don’t believe all nonviolent options for peace are exhausted, and I don’t accept that the killing of Hamas operatives is ever so imperative that targeting errors resulting in the death of innocent civilians should be tolerated.” Nora at Circles in the Sky recounts an experience among demonstrations in Jerusalem.

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  7. The Day We Egyptians Lost Our Moment

    “We saw our chance and held onto it for a full 18 days. And that’s why the story ends there. If a moment is to truly change the course of history, its people must hold onto it and never let it go.” Cairo-based journalist Nadia El-Awady reflects on her generation’s failure to change the course of Egypt’s history after January 25, 2011.

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  8. Military
  9. Last Night’s Budweiser Ad was Exploitative

    Don Gomez at Carrying the Gun explains why the “A Hero’s Welcome” Super Bowl 2014 ad missed the mark: “I’ve been seeing this same thing over and over since 2001. The image of US service members used for others’ gain. Packaged, edited, and put to music to make you ‘feel’ something.”

  10. Then You Stay

    Simone Gorrindo reviews Artis Henderson’s memoir, Unremarried Widow: “How will she navigate this Army life without losing herself, her dreams, her ambitions? It’s at the heart of her everyday as a new military wife, a question deeply familiar to me that I haven’t stopped asking.”

  11. Iraq Ten Years Later

    At When the Dust Clears, a writer remembers: “A year later, I checked the casualty list once a day, Iraq news three or four times. Five years later, I surfed my way to Iraq news and the DoD list once a week, maybe. Now, ten years on, I peek at Iraq news only when it finds me through the throbbing headlines.”

  12. The Battle of As Samawah

    A nearly ten-thousand-word version of a series of Carrying the Gun posts from Don Gomez’s Iraq: Ten Years Later project.

  13. A Tribute to Troop 31815

    From an essay on Brian Castner’s blog: “Laden with gear and ruck sack, standing in a line of Marines waiting on a deafening tarmac to board a C-130, sweat in rivulets over my eyebrows and down my cheeks and tickling the tip of my nose, I admit it, I was miserable.”