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  1. “White mother, black father in a part of Pennsylvania where pickups wave Confederate flags under a bruised sky. All four of them — parents and kids — have V names. Such hope in those names, their own little club of safety and love.”

  2. “Is this how I slide the chair of your sturdy heart across a carpet of years and back beneath my table of regret?”

  3. “WordPress and blogging gave me a voice, a voice that reached a vast amount of audience which otherwise would not have been possible.”

  4. From a tribute to Roy Halladay: “When my teammates made a big play behind me or I made a big strikeout, I didn’t stand there celebrating. I didn’t scream. […] I didn’t jump around. Halladay didn’t, so I wouldn’t.”

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  5. “These snippets of a lifetime make me ponder on how vital stories are. How we keep people, traditions, habits, alive through words. I’ve heard you die twice. First your physical death. And then again, when there’s no one left to tell your story.”

  6. “I honestly believed at the beginning of my memoir journey that writing my story would enable me to let it go. Leave it behind me somewhere. I was secretly hoping these writers would confirm this belief. They didn’t.”

  7. “I can say with confidence that in Arizona, I had the requisite number of friends to dispense with my corpse and eat my tea sandwiches… Any of them know me well enough to deduce my dying thoughts as I lay at the bottom of the stairs: Oh dear, I hope the chicken salad doesn’t go bad.”

  8. The dishes I had been in the middle of washing when I went to go pee and saw the blood were still in the sink. Everything was frozen in time, a chilled and perfectly preserved despair.

  9. It’s just that as much as I once envied the clarity and simplicity of the problems my grandmother and my mother had faced . . . I don’t want those problems — no matter how good a mind-movie they make.