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  1. Mer Mag

    At Mer Mag, illustrator and dollmaker Merrilee Liddiard spreads her love for crafts and kid-friendly DIY projects, from whimsical costumes to homemade party decorations.

  2. lauralanni

    Author, professor, and chemist Laura Lanni publishes personal musings and often short yet poignant posts on teaching, writing, motherhood, and more.

  3. Simple Scimum

    How are jellyfish born? Why does exercise hurt? Next time your (or someone else’s) curious kid stumps you with a science-related question, head to Simple Scimum for accessible, thoughtful explanations.

  4. Motherwell

    Motherwell tells all sides of the parenting story and is a space for parents to gather and think deeply: “The idea of a well conjures up images of community, of depth, of the essential nature of water.”

  5. ILY

    ILY is a web magazine that explores the broad theme of love from multiple angles and through a wide range of genres, like essays, poetry, and interviews.

  6. My Exaggerated Life

    At My Exaggerated Life, a dad blog-meets-webcomic, a father shares stories about family life in comic form, often with a generous layer of dry humor.


    Reporting from the front lines of stay-at-home motherhood, Jess, a blogger who’s been featured at the Huffington Post and Scary Mommy, writes about topics like parenting, friendship, and body image.

  8. Mommy Man

    At Mommy Man, Jerry Mahoney chronicles his adventures as a gay superdad. Jerry writes about parenting and the world of surrogacy with humor and his signature style.

  9. The Lemonade Chronicles

    A quixotic quest for the bright side: stories with humor and heart from husband, dad, entrepreneur, and obsessive recycler KJ Beadling.

  10. Twinfamy

    Twinfamy is the blog of John Pseudonymous, a stay-at-home husband, former middle school English teacher, and father of boy-and-girl fraternal twins, born in January 2011.

  11. Red Boots

    Beautiful essays on marriage, family, life, and self from Nicki, a reluctant yet full-time, barely-at-home mom, writer, avid reader, country music lover, and wannabe surf diva.

  12. The Adventures of Ernie Bufflo

    Writer Sarah Orsborn, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, covers a range of topics from parenting to food and faith to politics. She has twin daughters — one with Spina Bifida — and also writes on disability and awareness.

  13. Doodlemum

    Angie Stevens, also known as Doodlemum, shares sketches of daily life with her family. She is an author and illustrator based in the United Kingdom.

  14. Science of Mom

    Research scientist Alice Callahan uses her background in science to investigate parenting questions and find evidence-based answers. She writes on topics such as nutrition, breastfeeding, and pregnancy and is the author of The Science of Mom: A Research-Based Guide to Your Baby’s First Year.

  15. The Real Full House

    The Real Full House is the blog of the Tanner Family — father (Danny), three daughters, and an uncle — and their life after the passing of Lisa, Danny’s wife and mother of the girls.