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  1. Blogging the Stories of India’s Handicrafts: How Promotes Its Brand

    The blog of online store tells the stories behind their products and celebrates the artisan communities of India.

    All photos courtesy of Storytellers of Wonder and
  2. Shakespeare and Me: Bloggers Share Their Passion for the Bard

    From webcomics and essays to videos, a collection of some of the web’s most engaging Shakespeare-centric blogs.

  3. Where Food and History Meet: Michael W. Twitty’s Culinary Journey at Afroculinaria

    Culinary historian Michael W. Twitty, who blogs at Afroculinaria, talks about exploring his identity through food and his forthcoming book, The Cooking Gene.

    All images in this interview courtesy of Michael W. Twitty, Afroculinaria
  4. The Indecisive Chicken: Cooking and Community in India’s Biggest Slum

    In The Indecisive Chicken, Prajna Desai profiles eight women from the Dharavi neighborhood of Mumbai, India, and their contributions to family and society through food.

    Rizwana Qureishi showing the group how to marinade Chicken Biryani. Photo by Neville Sukhia. Image courtesy of The Indecisive Chicken.
  5. “I Am Interested in Human Stories”: Iain Akerman on the Alternative Scenes of the Middle East

    Westerners often see the Middle East as synonymous with war and strife. Iain Akerman has devoted his career to uncovering the region’s multifaceted underground cultures.

  6. Stories of the World: A Q&A with Photographer Cameron Karsten

    An interview with photographer Cameron Karsten, who documents stories and people around the world.