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  1. Your Phone Was Made By Slaves: A Primer on the Secret Economy

    On the new triangle trade, and the surprising connection between modern slavery and ecological disaster.

  2. Violet

    Adele Oliveira’s daughter, Violet, was born at 25 weeks and five days — more than three months ahead of her due date. In “Violet,” Adele tells the story of becoming a mother in the face of uncertainty.

  3. American Gun Culture Is Literally Killing Us

    “As long as guns exist, I don’t have a chance of saving the world. I feel useless against daily tragedy, against assault rifles and bullets. Here is something humiliating: I am afraid to write all this. Some people love guns. I do not love guns.” A reading list at Longreads, by Emily Perper.

  4. A Birth Story

    Meaghan O’Connell had a perfect pregnancy and the perfect birth plan — and then she went into labor. Dive into A Birth Story, a hilarious 57-minute Longreads Original from 2014.

  5. After Water

    “If there were any time for the myth of California to crumble, now seems to be it.” In this illustrated Longreads Exclusive, journalist Susie Cagle explores California’s complicated history and politics, rural life and identity in America, and life after water.

  6. Vivian Gornick: A Woman on the Margins

    In this Longreads interview with Jessica Gross, Vivian Gornick keeps it real: she talks about the problem with writing programs, her potential for dishonesty in memoir, and finding her way as a writer.