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  1. Drivers wave a 2,000 rupiah note (about 13 cents) out the window, and the self-appointed guard wades out into the busy road, arms outstretched. He uses the implicit threat of his own mortality to bring the flow of traffic to a stop and allows the munificent driver to pass.

  2. How to Become a Fossil

    “What future race of ant people or anemones will dust you off and wonder what you are? You have to discard the question. You shouldn’t think too hard about the audience. Do your finest work for the sake of the art itself.”

  3. Girls’ Game Shelf

    Whether you love card games like Magic: The Gathering, prefer a Settlers of Catan-style board game, or go for straight-up Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying, Girls’ Game Shelf has you covered with game reviews, tutorials, and tips for girl gamers of all ages.

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  4. Discover Prompts, Day 11: Bite

    Sink your teeth into today’s prompt: Bite.

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  5. Discover Prompts, Day 10: Orchestrate

    Orchestrate: It’s more than just music!

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  6. Discover Prompts, Day 9: Pairs

    Put two things together. Create beauty, create tension, create magic. Day 9 is all about Pairs.

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  7. Discover Prompts, Day 8: Curve

    Hairpin, graceful, zig-zag, curlicue — life is full of curves.

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  8. Man Repeller

    “Man Repeller explores the expansive constellation of things women care about from a place of openness and humor, with the conviction that an interest in fashion doesn’t minimize one’s intellect.”

  9. Discover Prompts, Day 7: Below

    Not everything happens at our eye level. Today, go below.

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  10. Discover Prompts, Day 6: Hands

    We can all use a helping one sometimes — or be one for someone else. Today, talk to us about hands.

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  11. Why we’re canceling our trip to Kauai: An exponential essay

    “Each of the paragraphs I’ve written represents three days, and each word represents a person in the United States infected with COVID-19. . . . If I continued to follow the formula of this piece: Paragraph 17 would be 65,536 words long–about the length of my first book.”

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  12. COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resources

    Are you a freelance artist wondering how you’ll pay rent duringa  quarantine? Are you looking for ways to support independent artists during the widespread national shutdowns? Check out this ever-growing collection of resources on everything from disaster preparedness to emergency funding options to the best digital tools for creatives.

  13. The Avocado

    Love pop culture? Want to talk about it with other people who love pop culture, and maybe make some friends? Welcome to The Avocado, “a home for people who want to discuss movies, TV, or any of a wide range of pop culture while fostering a sense of community where you can share in each […]

  14. Take a Walk on the Fire Side

    Maybe walking on hot coals is a way to find catharsis or personal growth. Or maybe it just hurts. 

  15. Gender Is Over

    “You need to learn to accept it, because you aren’t going to be able to change it. And, if you try to change it, you’re just making your child upset. You’re probably making yourself upset, too. And, your child might grow up to not love themselves. Everyone should love themselves.”