Thank You, Discover Prompt Participants!

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Last week saw the end of our monthlong Discover Prompts event, and we wanted to express our gratitude to the blogging community for the incredible energy and sense of camaraderie they brought to it.

Over the course of 30 days, we’ve seen so much creativity on display here — and so many new connections among bloggers all over the world. You’ve published almost 2,500 posts using the Discover Prompts tag, sharing stories, photos, personal reflections, and poems, and helped inspire each other to give voice to your experiences during a historically difficult period. Whether you published regularly or not, interacted with others or followed the excitement from a distance: thank you!

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It’s been equally heartening to read your thoughts about the event, and to hear that it’s been meaningful to many of you, too. Posts like these have really moved us:

I feel more welcomed at WordPress now as I have come across many beautiful people through Discover. They actually spent time on my writings and ramblings, and I feel obliged for that. Plus I got to read so many perspectives. It is amazing how a single word can ring up so many varied emotions in everyone.
Jeevanjot Ghuman, “Grateful

Stuck, scared, and stressed, I could barely write when the quarantine began here in Miami, Florida. Between cooking all the time and being ordered around like everyone’s personal servant, I found my mind full of chaotic thoughts and unable to focus on anything that mattered to me.

That all changed when the Discover Prompts started appearing on the WordPress Reader. I felt the same surge of energy that I’d experienced so many years ago when I created this website and began writing posts with the help of the writing prompts to keep me focused.
Lisa Chesser, “Grateful for Discover Prompts

While April’s daily prompts are over, blogging doesn’t stop. We hope you continue to use the designated tag to keep in touch with friends and to find new ones to follow. At least one member of the community, Sue at Jibber Jabber with Sue, is already starting a grassroots initiative to bring bloggers together around shared prompts (thank you, Sue!).

The team behind Discover isn’t planning to resume Discover Prompts at this time, but we wanted to open up a space for our readers to share their thoughts with us. If you participated in the event and have a few moments, thanks for leaving a comment below in response to these questions (if you only have something to say about one or a couple of them, that’s perfectly fine):

  • What was the thing you enjoyed the most about Discover Prompts?
  • If you could change anything about this monthlong event, what would it be? We’d welcome any and all suggestions!
  • If we were to run similar blogging events in the future, what would be the ideal cadence for you? Daily, weekly, monthly, or something else entirely?
  • If you followed along but didn’t participate in Discover Prompts, what might help you join the action in a future initiative?

Thanks again, everyone! We hope you stay safe wherever you are, and look forward to seeing you around Discover and the Reader.

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